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Get ahead of winter and snow.
Shop winter tires today.

[[[[10% OFF]]]]
on in-stock winter wheels and tires†

Up to [[[[$100]]]]
in mail-in rebate*

[[† Prepayment is required. Subject to availability and while supplies last.
* Certain conditions apply. See details on manufacturer rebate.]]

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[[[Detailing Packages]]]


[[[Bronze Detail]]]

Estimated time: 1.5 hours

For cars

For SUVs

  • Wash entire vehicle and completely dry using synthetic chamois
    [[(Limits water-spots from appearing)]]
  • Wheel cleaning
    [[(Inner rim with spoke brush)]]
  • Interior fender wells
    [[(All door jambs and trunk jambs included in vehicle washing)]]
  • Centre console interior trim
  • Cleaning door trim, air vents, and all vinyl trim inside vehicle
  • Interior glass cleaning
  • Vacuum
    [[(Light carpet freshener upon request)]]
  • Premium tire dressing applied

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[[[Silver Detail]]]

Estimated time: 3 hours

For cars

For SUVs

Everything in Bronze Detail Package, plus:

  • Complete engine washed and degreased
    [[(Dressing applied upon request)]]
  • Interior upholstery deodorized with carpet fabric refresher, spot shampoo
  • Complete exterior wax protectant coating, which leaves a high gloss and produces water beading

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[[[Gold Detail]]]

Estimated time: 5–6 hours

For cars

For SUVs

Everything in Silver Detail Package, plus:

  • Hand-clean engine bay apply special formulated solvent to break down engine oils and grease
  • Complete vehicle polish using our state of the art polishing products for a long lasting excellent shine
  • Complete molding, door, window and all body line crevices detailed with extra fine detail brush to remove dirt and mildew that get accumulated over time
  • Hot water extractor shampoo to all carpet and upholstery, removing unwanted smells and bacteria
  • Complementary vent air freshener 

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[[[[Heavy Pet Hair Removal Available]]]]

[[[Ask our service advisor for a quote.]]]



Conditions may apply. Contact a Service or Parts Advisor at OpenRoad Subaru Boundary for more information.